Attention Assignors - New Stale Assignment Process!!!

GotSport has updated the notification process for Assignors when scheduled matches are changed. When assigned matches are updated and those changes include the venue, field, date, or time; they will be placed into a “Stale” status.

Matches with “Stale” assignments will require the assignor to review the changed matches and can be accessed directly from the new stale notification banner, on the Assigning Calendar. Matches can also be identified visually on each assigning page (Match Chart, Match List, and Detail).  When reviewing a match, the assignor will have two options:

  • Restore Assignments – The original crew of referees will be restored.
  • Clear Assignments – All original assignments will be cleared from the match.

Please use the following articles to view the new “Stale” process (Articles also available in the GotSport Referee Management Support Site):

Assigning Officials when Scheduled Matches Change (Stale Assignments)

Match List – Accessing Stale Assignments (Using the Assigning Calendar)

Match List – Clear & Restore Stale Assignments

Detail View – Clear & Restore Stale Assignments