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At GotSport, our mission is clear: to enhance Referee Assignors, Referee Managers, and Referees in the officiating experience in youth soccer within the GotSport platform

We understand the unique demands of youth soccer, and GotSport is here to provide you with the necessary expertise and tools to excel within our platform.

We look forward to working with you to ensure your referee journey is a triumphant one!



GotSport is a powerful sports management platform designed to simplify the administrative tasks associated with organizing and overseeing referees.

Our comprehensive suite of features, including referee registration, scheduling, communication tools, and compliance management, is meticulously designed to ensure a smooth and seamless officiating experience for youth soccer organizations.

GotSport provides a centralized platform for assignors and officials to register and manage their information. Assignors can easily oversee and control registration processes, ensuring that all participants are properly documented and eligible to participate.

Stay in compliance with state and national regulations using GotSport's compliance tools. Ensure that all officials meet the necessary requirements to officiate matches.

Whether you officiate a small regional league or a large statewide program, GotSport is scalable to meet your needs.

Efficiently assign and manage officials for leagues, tournaments, and events. GotSport offers flexibility in assigning, allowing you to handle complex arrangements and adjustments with ease.

Stay connected using built-in communication tools. Send announcements, updates, and alerts to officials, fostering clear and timely communication.


Referee Guides

GotSport's Manual


For all integrated GotSport Users.

GotSport's Manual


For all integrated GotSport Users.

GotSport's Manual

Event Director

For all integrated GotSport Users.


How do I create a GotSport account?

If this is your first time logging into GotSport, please reach out to your Assignor so that they may add your account into the system and/or confirm your UserID/Email. Once you have your UserID/Email, access GotSport at If you don’t know your password, click on “Forgot Password“. An email will be sent to you with directions on how to reset your password. Make sure to check your Junk/Spam folder if you do not see the email in your inbox.

As a Referee, where can I set my availability?

To set your “Availability” as a Referee in GotSport, you would set “Blackout” dates and times on your individual GotSport Account on the Referee tab. The following link provides detailed instructions.

Creating Availability Blackouts as a Referee 

As an Assignor, how do I get access to assign a tournament or league?

For an Assignor to view an event and the schedules, they would need to request access to the tournament or league, and be approved by the Event Director. The following link provides instructions on requesting access:

Requesting Access to an Event as a Referee Assignor

As an Assignor, I'm not seeing any of my Referees to assign?

If your Referees are part of your pool, but aren’t seeing them available to assign, they will need to be added to the event:

Adding Referees to an Event

As an Assignor, how do I stop Referees from seeing matches before I've completed assignments?

By default, all matches are not published, which is the setting that “hides” matches from the referee, until the assignor decides to allow referees to see assignments. To make assignments visible to referees, matches will need to be set to published on the Match List. The following link provides instructions on how to publish and un-publish assignments:

How to Publish/Unpublish Referee Assignments

As an Assignor, how do I let Referees know they have matches?

GotSport offers different options when it comes to notifying referees of their matches; either individually or in bulk.

Notify Referees of their Offered Assignments

As an Assignor, why are Referees not seeing their offered assignments?

If an Assignor has their match schedule set to “Unpublished”, the Referee will not see any offered or accepted matches. These matches would need to be set to “Published” on the Match List, in order for the referee to see the matches on their account Referee tab.

As an Assignor, a match was changed and my assignments have disappeared?

If a match has assignments, offered or accepted and the event makes a change to any combination of match’s date, time, field, or venue, the match will be highlighted on the Match Chart, Match List, and Detail pages of the event.  All assignments will be set to “stale” which requires that the previous assignments be either:

  • Restored – Place previously assigned referee back on the match. This would require the referees to accept the match again.
  • Clear – This will clear previous assignments and allow for new officials to be assigned.

 The following articles provide instructions on how to address matches that have been changed: 

Assigning Officials when Scheduled Matches Change (Stale Assignments)

Match List – Accessing Stale Assignments (Using the Assigning Calendar)

Match List – Clear & Restore Stale Assignments

Detail View – Clear & Restore Stale Assignments

Assignors and Event Directors, how do I upload a schedule?

The Event Director and Assignor, both have the capability to upload an external schedule to an event. Certain elements must be set before uploading. The following article provides instructions on how to import external schedules:

How to Import a Schedule


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