GotSport Referee Management Updates!

In our efforts to promote GotSport as the preferred Referee Management Platform for the Assigning and Officiating community, the following enhancements and capabilities have been released to the Referee platform. GotSport will continue to strive for an improved and expanded user experience:

iCalendar Sync  

  • Referees can download, and sync accepted assignments to their personal calendars (Google, iCalendar, etc.). With the new “Add Accepted Assignments to Calendar” capability, Officials can download their accepted assignments to their preferred calendar.

Detail Assigning Page

  • The Detail view will not be defaulted to display with all Venues and Fields collapsed. The display will be at the match level, which will allow assignors to quickly identify matches.
  • The Expand and Collapse Rows capability is available at the top of the Detail view display. This capability will allow the user to expand or collapse all rows at their discretion.

NOTE: The capability to expand/collapse individual rows is still available by clicking the + or – to the left of the Venue or Field name.

Automatic Referee Assignment Reminder

  • An automatic email is sent to the Official the day prior to their upcomiong assignments. The notification email contains the following:
  • Match Position or Positions
  • Date/Time of Assigned Matches
  • Venue Name and Field Name/Number
  • Position Pay Rate
  • Name of other Officials on Match (If Applicable)


GotSport Pay

GotSport has implemented a new payment capability that allows users to pay members of your Organizational Staff, Officials, Operations Staff, Event Staff, or any Contracted Staff. The new Pay capabilities include:

  • ACH Payments to Operations, Event, or any Contracted Staff
  • W9 and 1099 Management with Reporting.
  • Integrated Payments from the Referee Platform
  • Capability to Manually Adjust Payments

GotSport Referee Management Support Site

 A website dedicated to the GotSport Referee Management Platform, which offers articles for Assignors, Referee, and Event Directors. These Manuals and Articles provide detailed step by step instructions on navigating the Referee Platform.

If you would like to schedule a demonstration of the GotSport Referee Management Platform, the GotSport Pay capabilities, or any of our other tools, please click the following link: GotSport Referee Management Platform Demo